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Tape and Film To DVD
Video & Film Conversion Price Chart

8mm or Super 8mm Silent Reel-To-Reel

3'' Diameter (50ft) = $8.00 per reel (or $0.16 per foot)

Reels Larger Than 3” Diameter = $0.16 per foot

Super 8mm with Sound is additional $0.05 per foot.
Special editing available on request.

VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm (cassette),Mini DV,
3/4 Umatic

1 Tape = $25.00

2 or more Tapes (formats can be mixed) = $17.00 per tape

NOTE: Pricing is for up to 2hrs per tape. Extra $10.00 per additional 2hrs for tapes longer than 2hrs.
Special editing available on request.

Video Tape Repair = $15.00 per Tape

DVD or CD Copies

$7.00 per copy

Note: If you are requesting additional copies of DVDs converted by DMI, it is $7.00 PER DISC. We initially charge by the tape/reel but copies are priced per disc. Therefore, way may not know how many discs will be required until we are near completion of the conversions.

Digital Files
DMI can convert your film and VHS or camcorder tapes to editable, digital files.  If you are requesting only digital files, standard conversion pricing applies.  If you are requesting digital files in ADDITION to DVD conversions, the price is $10.00 per digital file. 
Note:  You must supply a hard drive or storage device.

35mm Slides or Negatives, Photos, Document Scanning

Less than 250 images = .60 per image

250 to 499 images = .50 per image

500 or more images = .40 per image

Note: Includes 1 slide show DVD or 1 digital files DVD. Extra $15.00 for both.

120 Film = $1.00 per image
4 x 5 Film = $2.00 per image